The map of Polish lands of the Crown in the 16th century – a spatial database

The map of Polish lands of the Crown in the 16th century – a spatial database

The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences
State of work: finished (with possibilities of further development). Update date: 13.12.2021


The data presented here are the result of work on the series: Historical Atlas of Poland. Detailed Maps of the 16th Century, which was completed in 2021((A more detailed description of the series is available in the publicationi Corona Regni Poloniae.)), and are made available in several forms. Firstly, through a Web-GIS application that allows viewing these data in the form of a digital map, on which – as far as technically possible – the symbolisation from the paper Atlas maps has been reproduced. Secondly, in the form of downloadable layers from the data repository in the GeoNode application. Available layers include: localities (both as a collective layer and divided into categories for cartographic visualisation), boundaries (state and ecclesiastical), roads and land cover elements (forests, swamps, rivers and lakes). Data in this form is intended for independent geographic analysis and historical mapping using desktopGIS software (e.g. ArcGIS and QGIS). Thirdly, a tabular list of localities is also available for download in the form of *.xlsx file, which contains a list of all localities covered by the series: those present in the index, i.e. also those not located. The list of localities includes their attributes such as name, character, type of ownership, type of location. The full list of attributes is available in the metadata file. A search engine for localities is also available.


Despite the closure of the series and its individual parts, the full presentation of the data on this website is intended, among other things, to enable comments to be made and thus to contribute to the creation, further development and completion of this work. Please send your comments or suggestions for additions to the following address:

Tomasz Panecki

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