DataAtlasFontium: data repository for historical data

There is a data repository associated with the AtlasFontium website called DataAtlasFontium. It is based on GeoNode technology: a web platform for gathering and disseminating spatial data along with its metadata, as well as for creating simple visualisations. The repository – as a separate application – is linked to AtlasFontium on two levels. Firstly, the download hyperlinks lead directly to the files within the repository. Second, as a stand-alone web application, it allows users to view, download and visualise spatial data. The collected resources can be accessed in two ways. The first is to explore layers (spatial data) and documents (other data) based on their names, assigned categories, keywords or cut-off dates. The second way is to browse a particular resource. Resources in the repository reflect these on the AtlasFontium: Atlas of Sources and Materials, Studia Geohistorica and Materials. The data is provided with metadata; it is downloadable and viewable using OGC services, as well as directly in QGIS. DataAtlasFontium is not only a repository but also a simple geoportal: several digital maps are currently available, the most important of which represent data from the “Historical Atlas of Poland. Detailed maps of the 16th century”: the main map and town plans. Registration and logging into the service are only needed if you want to upload and manage data. The repository is developed on an ongoing basis, and major changes are noted in the news. We encourage you to cooperate with us!



  1. Uploading data
  2. Downloading data
  3. Map management
  4. Navigating on the platform
  5. Metadata management
  6. Style management
  7. Editing layer data
  8. Creating a new layer
  9. Basic user manual