“Atlas Fontium” is a website dedicated to the publications of historical sources, research results and sharing materials from the period of the old Poland and the old Republic of Poland that have a spatial dimension. The main purpose of the project is to create a uniform system for gathering, analysing, and making available of information and sources for research in the field of historical geography of Polish lands within borders prior to 1772. The results of historical and geographical research conducted in various scientific centres, in Poland and abroad, will be presented on an IT platform. The project is based on the framework of settlement network and territorial divisions, both church and secular, in the period before the Partitions. As such, its main aim is to present materials related with this period.

Technological development connected with the introduction of historical spatial databases and GIS tools to research offers interesting possibilities not only when we speak about the presentation of research results, but also for the entire field of editing of historical sources, written, cartographic, and iconographic. Geographic space is an excellent reference plane for the humanities, allowing scholars to integrate large stocks of information, as well as determining future collaborated syntheses of historical and social phenomena. The materials, as well as source information related to particular topics, are linked with a digital map, thus allowing for a statistical and spatial analysis, and a direct visualisation of results on thematic maps.

Other centres, teams, and individual researchers are cordially invited to join our project.


  • Gratitude for participation in the survey
    We would like to express our gratitude for help to the all respondents of the Atlas Fontium survey conducted in 2023. Alexandra Koussoulakou, Alexey A. Frolov, Andrea Nanetti, Andrzej Czerny, Anna Skolimowska, Annalisa D’Ascenzo, Anne Kelly Knowles, Antti Härkönen, Barbara Polo, Benjamin Vis, Chelsea Nestel, Dariusz Gierczak, Dariusz Wróbel, Debolina sen, Dorota Wereda, Dzmitry Vitsko,… Read more: Gratitude for participation in the survey
  • Change of link structure
    Dear users. For technical reasons, the link structure of our website has been changed. The old URLs with a numerical page identifier (e.g. http://atlasfontium.pl/?page_id=1917) have been replaced by addresses with a short title (https://atlasfontium.pl/rejestry-poborowe-kaliskie/). This changes nothing in the use of the addresses given according to the previous structure. The old links work and redirect… Read more: Change of link structure
  • DataAtlasFontium
    The AtlasFontium portal has received its own data repository. From now on, most files (spatial data, tables, pdf documents) are available for download via data.atlasfontium.pl. Most of the “download” links on our portal also lead to this site. The repository is based on GeoNode technology. More information and the first user manual can be found… Read more: DataAtlasFontium
  • New email address
    It has recently come to our attention that the site’s previous email address (redakcja@atlasfontium.pl) has stopped receiving messages sent to it. If you have tried to contact us through it over the past few months, please resend your message to the new address atlasfontium@ihpan.edu.pl. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • New layout
    The website has received a new layout. Please send any noticed errors to the email address: atlasfontium@ihpan.edu.pl.