Last updated: 2017-01-08

Atlas Fontium
ISSN 2353-9216

Atlas Fontium is a journal dedicated to publishing historical sources and materials for the history of old Poland and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth with spatial reference, what let connect them with a map. The main purpose of the project is to create a uniform system for gathering, analysing, and making available of information and sources for research in the field of historical geography of Polish lands within borders prior to 1772. The results of historical and geographical research conducted in various scientific centres, in Poland and abroad, will be presented on an IT platform. The project is based on the framework of settlement network and territorial divisions, both church and secular, in the period before the Partitions. As such, its main aim is to present materials related with this period.

Technological development connected with the introduction of historical spatial databases and GIS tools to research offers interesting possibilities for the field of editing of historical sources, written, cartographic, and iconographic. Geographic space is an excellent research base for the humanities, allowing scholars to integrate large stocks of information, as well as determining future collaborated syntheses of historical and social phenomena. The materials, as well as source information related to particular topics, are linked with a digital map that allows for a statistical and spatial analysis, and a direct visualisation of results on thematic maps.

"Atlas Fontium" is not a publication, but rather a place for publishing authors' own source editions and studies. Preliminary declaration of the scientific society interested in modern methods of presenting results of their geographic and historical research gives hope that the platform will be quickly supplemented with new materials, particularly of the Historical Atlas of Poland (Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences), as well as the Atlas of Religions and Confessions in Poland in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Institute of History of the Catholic University in Lublin).

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other centres, teams and individual researchers.


31.12.2016 A new issue of "Atlas Fontium" containing work Religions and faith in the Crown in the second half of the eighteenth century , which was previously available in the section Works in progress.

03.08.2016 In accordance with earlier announcements "The Court Records of Wschowa, 1495-1526" was withdrawn from open access. Those interested in access to the edition, please contact us.

23.05.2016 In the last few days on the website have been made a few modifications. The most important is change of the title of the site and the journal from "Atlas of Sources and Materials for History of Old Poland" to "Atlas Fontium." Publications that were published till 2015, should be quoted under the title "Atlas Sources and Materials to the Acts of Old Polish", new under the current - "Atlas Fontium." Minor changes include:
- Publications and works in progress received information about the date of the last update. Works in progress are also given the status of work on them.
- Section "How to cite" has been updated
- There has been a transition from license Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa - Użycie niekomercyjne - Na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska License to Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa - Bez utworów zależnych 4.0 Międzynarodowe.

12.07.2016 "The Court Records of Wschowa, 1495-1526" at the end of July 2016 will be withdrawn from open access until further notice because of technical work, the lack of declared financial support of the project and the substantive objections raised by the users. Those interested in access to the edition, please contact us.

23.05.2016 Section "Materials" was renamed to "Works in progress".