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Atlas Fontium
ISSN 2353-9216

The map of Polish lands of the Crown in the 16th century
– a spatial database

The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Information presented here is part of the Historical Atlas of Poland. Detailed maps of the 16th century series. The work on the series is currently underway, its completion is planned for 2020. Some of the voivodeships are ready and were published in a separate publication on this web page (Corona Regni Poloniae) – and will not be modified. However, it is possible that the authors will add information about certain identified settlements from the 16th century tax registers: the ones listed only in the 1st half of the century and the abandoned ones that have so far been neglected. The extended questionnaire will be used for territories that are being researched now (Greater Poland) and are planned for the future (Royal Prussia, Cuyavia, Podlachia). When the work is finished, the map will most likely be published as a closed work. Further studies may verify the authors' findings, but the result will be the change of the state of research, not of the contents of the map.

Information used while working on the map was taken from several sources. In case of eight voivodeships (Lublin, Rawa, Płock, Mazovia, Sandomierz, Łęczyca, Sieradz and Cracow) these are the volumes of the above-mentioned series. In case of Greater Poland (voivodeships of Kalisz and Poznań), we present current state of our studies, i.e. mostly information taken from tax registers from the 2nd half of the 16th century, only partially supplemented with data coming from other sources, like inspections of royal goods, church visitations or court records. The remaining voivodeships were based on the most important studies containing cartographic reconstruction:

Atlas Historyczny Polski, seria B: Mapy przeglądowe, 1: Prusy Królewskie w drugiej połowie XVI wieku, S. Herbst [ed.], Warsaw 1961;

M. Biskup, A. Tomczak, Mapy województwa pomorskiego w drugiej połowie XVI w., Toruń 1955;

K. Mikulski, Osadnictwo wiejskie województwa pomorskiego od połowy XVI do końca XVII wieku, Toruń 1994;

Z. Guldon, Rozmieszczenie własności ziemskiej na Kujawach w II połowie XVI w., Toruń 1964;

Z. Guldon, Mapy ziemi dobrzyńskiej w drugiej połowie XVI w., Toruń 1964;

A. Laszuk, Zaścianki i królewszczyzny?: struktura własności ziemskiej w województwie podlaskim w drugiej połowie XVII wieku, Warszawa 1998.

The reconstruction of the settlement network of this last voivodeship was partially supplemented and corrected by Tomasz Jaszczołt.

By 2020, the database should include the same scope of information as the main map of the series. The research questionnaire for each settlement contains its 16th century name and its variants, location (and therefore parochial and district affiliation), type, size, type of ownership, and central functions. Borders of territorial units of both, the State and the Church, form an important thematic layer. The 16th century road network was also reconstructed. These data are presented on the foundation consisting of the depiction of hydrography and forests at the turn of the 18th and 19th century and modern lay of the land. Each volume contains a commentary describing used sources, method of research and obtained results. Commentaries published so far are available in digital libraries: – Lublin voivodeship. – other voivodeships.

More detailed description of the series is available in the publication Corona Regni Poloniae.

The commentary to the volume on Greater Poland will be published in 2017, marking the end of works on the map of this region. The publication of the last two paper volumes (Podlachia and Cuyavia), and e-books in two language versions (Polish and English) is planned on 2020.

Until the series and its individual parts are completed, the purpose of this web page presenting current state of works is, among others, to allow users to submit their comments, and thus participate in the creation of the series.

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